The Easy Way to Print from Your Mobile Device

The Easy Way to Print from Your Mobile Device

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Today’s business environment is becoming increasingly mobile. Frequent travel, working between multiple locations, and virtual offices bring with them new demands for on-the-go access to files and documents. Smart phones, tablets and laptops meet the need for digital access to content, but digital access is often not enough. The mobile workforce is looking to transform their entire office into a mobile experience, and requires print and scan capabilities that mirror the flexibility of their mobile devices.

How to print On-The-Go

There are many ways to go about printing from your phone but its difficult to figure out which way works best for you. Ricoh for instance has a whole app dedicated to mobile printing. Their app “Mobile Print” enables mobile users to simply and conveniently print documents, web pages, and images on demand from their Apple and Android smart phone and tablet devices to select Ricoh MFPs and Printers. As an added feature, users can scan files and images from Ricoh  MFPs to their mobile devices. The Ricoh  Mobile Print app puts you in control of your document imaging, eliminating the need to carry cumbersome printed files on the chance you need them. Additionally this app eliminates the hassle and lack of security associated with emailing files to someone connected to a network in order to have them printed for you. Mobile Print empowers your workflow while giving you the confidence in knowing you are prepared for anything and able to access and print your important documents from almost anywhere. There are three easy steps to using Mobile Print. First connect your mobile device to the same Wi-Fi network as the Ricoh MFP or Printer you will be using to print. After that use the Mobile Print app to open the document, image or web page you wish to print. Lastly Select the device you wish to print to, set your preferences and press Print.

How it Works

Mobile Print, your mobile device does all the work, becoming an integrated part of your document workflow. There’s no need to be physically connected to a corporate network; the app can quickly identify Ricoh Printers and MFPs via a Wi-Fi connection. Once you’ve located a device, simply access the documents you want to print. The app can handle many common file formats. A few quick strokes are all it takes to transform digital files, scans and images to printed sheets. A wide array of settings including quality, duplex, pages per sheet, job accounting and more maximizes output control. Mobile Print also has near field communications (NFC). NFC printing  is a short-range wireless technology that allows data to pass from one device to another by simply touching them or holding them close together. All new Ricoh  machines have built in NFC technology then all you have to do is select the file you would like to print, walk over to the printer, hold the device on the printer for a few seconds, the dedicated app will open up, click print and that’s it – you have your print.

Mobile Print is free and the perfect app to print on the go in a mobile environment. The app resides on the mobile device and interfaces seamlessly with select Ricoh MFPs and Printers. With Mobile Print, printing for you phone, tablet and laptop will be easy and convenient to use whenever your on the go.

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