Tips for Setting Up a Small Office Network

Tips for Setting Up a Small Office Network

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A well-designed office network will boost your productivity whether you’re beginning a new firm or your existing one is experiencing expansion. Your specific requirements must be taken into consideration while building your computer network. There isn’t a fantastic all-purpose answer. According to best practises for SMB network setup, you should begin with a comprehensive strategy. Here are some things to think about when preparing to establish your network:

  • Internet connection. How your network will link to the Internet should be one of your initial considerations. You most certainly already have access to the Internet at work; the question is whether or not it can support the demands of your new network. Before you begin to establish the network, make sure you have the connectivity you require by doing some research on the many alternatives for broadband connections.
  • Type of network. There are many different network setups that small businesses might employ. Your network can be as complex or as straightforward as you choose. However, you need be aware of the two main network types: wired networks and wireless networks. To link PCs and a server, wired (or Ethernet) networks install CAT 5 cabling throughout your business. While eliminating the hassle of needing to connect your company, wireless networks also have a tendency to be less dependable and secure.
  • Network setup.You can usually handle your own network setup by following the straightforward instructions that came with your gear if you’re setting up a basic network, such as connecting many PCs to the Internet using a single wireless router. But you’ll need someone with a little IT expertise if your network is more complicated (like a server installation).
  • Security. Networking for small businesses is highly concerned about security. Although wired networks are often thought to be more secure than wireless ones, there are steps you can take to safeguard your business in any case. Learn about stuff like WEP, security encryption, and firewalls.

An IT professional should preferably construct a company’s network with care. Just as you would only use a qualified electrician to wiring a new home, trust a professional with your company’s infrastructure. Your workplace network should be up to code and constructed with a strong foundation that considers your potential for future expansion. Call Great Lakes Computer Corporation if you’re not sure you can rely on the individual installing your network. Without you having to worry about it, our highly qualified specialists can evaluate your needs and set up your new workplace network. We can monitor and manage your equipment because we are a Managed IT Services Provider, which will help you secure your investment.

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