User Guide: How to set IP Static?

User Guide: How to set IP Static?

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How to set a static IP Address

Typically, the local Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server will assign a dynamic IP address to a computer when it connects to the network. The only issue is that this configuration is subject to change whenever the computer is restarted or after the settings expire, which may result in the failure of services like port forwarding and remote desktop. A static network configuration is perfect for hosting services that other users can access across the network since it always keeps the same settings.

You will learn how to set a static IP address (version 4) in this guide.

Assign static IP address on Windows 11 from Settings

On Windows 11, you can set a static IP address configuration from the Settings app for wireless and wired adapters.

Set static IP address on Wi-Fi or Ethernet adapter

To assign a static IP address configuration to a Wi-Fi or Ethernet adapter, use these steps:

  1. Open Settings on Windows 11.

  2. Click on Network & Internet.

  3. Click the Wi-Fi tab or Ethernet tab.

    Open Wi-Fi settings

  4. Select the current network connection.

    Open wireless properties

  5. Under the “IP settings” section, click the Edit button.

    Windows 11 edit IP address

  6. Select the Manual option.

    Static IP enable option

  7. Turn on the IPv4 toggle switch.

  8. Set a static IP address for Windows 11 – for example,

    Settings app set static IP address

  9. Specify a Subnet mask – for example,

  10. Specify a Default Gateway address.

  11. Specify a Preferred DNS address (required).

  12. (Optional) Specify an “Alternate DNS” address.

  13. Use the “DNS over HTTPS” drop-down menu and select the Off option for the preferred and alternate addresses, but you can enable DoH with these options:

    • Off: Transmits all DNS traffic without encryption.
    • On (automatic template): Sends all DNS traffic with encryption.
    • On (manual template): Allows you to specify a specific template. It is only required if the DNS service doesn’t work automatically or has a template that works as expected.
  14. Turn off the “Fallback to plaintext” toggle switch (if you enable DoH).

    Quick tip: If you enable this feature, the system will encrypt DNS traffic, but it allows queries to be sent without encryption.
  15. Click the Save button.

Once you complete the steps, the static network configuration will apply to the computer. You can test the new settings by opening the web browser and loading a website.


Assign static IP address on Windows 10 below from Control Panel

On Windows 11, you can still use Control Panel to change the IP settings for Ethernet or Wi-Fi adapters.

To assign a static IP configuration through the Control Panel, use these steps:

  1. Open Control Panel.

  2. Click on Network and Internet.

  3. Click on Network and Sharing Center.

  4. Click the Change adapter settings option on the left navigation pane.

    Open Change adapter settings

  5. Right-click the network adapter and select the Properties option.

  6. Select the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” option.

  7. Click the Properties button.

    Control Panel open TCP/IPv4 properties

  8. Select the “Use the following IP address” option.

  9. Assign the static IP address – for example,

    Set static IPv4 address in Control Panel

  10. Specify a Subnet mask. Typically, on a home network, the subnet mask is

  11. Specify a Default gateway address – for example, (Usually, your router’s address).

  12. Under the “Use the following DNS server addresses set Preferred DNS server” section, set the “Preferred DNS server address,” which is usually your router’s IP address or server IP address providing DNS resolutions (for example,

  13. (Optional) Specify an “Alternative DNS server,” which the computer will use if it cannot reach the preferred DNS server.

  14. Click the OK button.

  15. Click the Close button again.

Once you complete the steps, you can open the web browser and load a website to see if the configuration works.

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