Adding a Printer to an iPhone

Adding a Printer to an iPhone

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The iPhone smartphone from Apple allows you to print wirelessly to any Wi-Fi enabled printer on your wireless network. The “Printer Options” menu is where printers are added to the device. The “Printer Options” menu, unlike the majority of the device’s settings menus, cannot be accessed through the “Settings” application. Instead, while viewing the image or Web page that you want to print, select “Print” and then add the printer from there.

1.Tap the “Photos,” “Mail” or the “Safari” application icon on the iPhone’s home screen. Tap the image that you want to print, navigate to the Web page that you want to print or open the email that you want to print.

2.Tap the “Share” icon while viewing the Web page, email or image that you want to print. The “Share” icon resembles a rectangle with an arrow coming out of it.

3.Tap the “Print” option on the menu screen that appears to open the “Printer Options” menu.

4.Tap the “Printer” option, followed by the name of the printer that you want to add to the iPhone. The printer will now be added to the device.

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