Advantages of inkjet technology

Advantages of inkjet technology

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Compared to more traditional printing techniques like screen printing or pad printing, this technology has many competitive benefits.

Flexible production methods

Any number of designs can be created and applied to both big and small batches. This benefit highlights how far this technology has advanced from more conventional methods like pad printing or screen printing, where switching from one decorating design to another required a major investment in time and resources.

Totally digital procedure

High levels of personalization are possible thanks to inkjet technology, which enables each design to be modified to the final product and achieve an infinite variety of styles and colours. Additionally, the process’ digitalization makes error correction quick and easy.

Saving raw resources and energy

Another significant competitive advantage over conventional decoration methods is this. One the one hand, conventional decoration techniques like screen printing and pad printing demand post-curing treatments of the inks at high temperatures for a substantial amount of time, implying significant energy cost. When using inkjet technology, UV curing inks are employed, and they can be dried instantly and sequentially after printing. Additionally, inkjet technology’s accuracy and efficiency result in savings on cleaning and maintenance procedures as well as raw materials. All of this adds up to a lower environmental impact when using inkjet technology as opposed to conventional printing technologies.


With the help of this technology, complex-geometry substrates may be printed on without having to make contact with the print head. Additionally, this technology provides excellent production flexibility thanks to the digitization of the process, resulting in a significant reduction in the cycle time of each print when compared to conventional decoration procedures.


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