Why best-before dates and lot numbers are printed

Why best-before dates and lot numbers are printed

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Printing best-before dates on food products

Consumers can use best-before (use-by) dates to assess the freshness of products, make informed purchases, and securely handle perishables. By making this information widely available on items, manufacturers may minimise their responsibility and clearly define how long a product should be used.

Best-before dates may not be placed on products due to space limits, in which case they can be printed separately with a location indication for the consumer. There are numerous regulations governing food labelling. For instance, when printing the factory identification code and lot number, producers must use caution.

Printing lot numbers and serial numbers

Products have codes printed on them that reveal the date and location of manufacture in order to maintain and regulate stable quality. These IDs can be used to identify the production lot when there is a severe complaint and a product recall is required. This enables the manufacturers to identify the error’s root cause and, as part of preventative actions, reduce the scope of the recall.

Printing codes for process management

Printing identification codes and barcodes on parts can provide the necessary information to help with manufacturing. This enhances both quality assurance and manufacturing effectiveness. Some examples include printing pass/fail signs on components to prevent the use of defective parts in finished products and printing readout values on parts for any correction needed later on in the production process.

Printing for prevention of counterfeit products

Products have hidden codes and numbers that can only be read by the maker. The manufacturer can use these codes to identify which products are unlicensed imitations if counterfeit goods should surface. Protecting private brands has been accomplished by using this printing technique.


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