Advantages of Using an Automatic Document Feeder

Advantages of Using an Automatic Document Feeder

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Reasons to Get an Automatic Document Feeder for Your Office
Document feeders are replacing flatbed scanners in many offices. A flatbed scanner scans only one document at a time. You scan one document, then move on to the next, and so on.

The paper is pulled through the machine by automatic document feeders. The scanner digitizes the document before advancing to the next page. As you can expect, this technology has numerous advantages.


Fast, High-Volume, Scanning
If your company scans a large number of documents, you may encounter a traffic bottleneck at the copying machine. Manually feeding the documents takes too long, especially if you have hundreds of pages to scan.

Many flatbed scanners, in fact, take 30 seconds per page. A single job will take 50 minutes to complete if you need to scan 100 pages at 30 seconds per page. It will really take a little longer because you will have to remove and replace each page. You might easily spend an hour at the workplace copier.

Place the documents in the tray of an automatic document feeder and let the machine do the rest. The technology is so quick that it can do high-volume scans in seconds.

A document feeder that scans up to 200 pages per minute is also available. You won’t be able to hold up the queue at the printer with such rapid technology.

The speed not only allows you to avoid traffic bottlenecks. You will have more time to devote to other duties if you scan materials rapidly. Consider what you can do if you had an extra hour or two to devote to other assignments.


Scan the Front and Back of Pages With Ease
Manually scanning two-sided documents takes considerably longer. Opening the scanner, flipping the paper, and scanning the opposite side doubles the time required to complete a project. Another incentive to go with an automatic document feeder.

You can acquire an automatic reversing feeder or a dual-scan document feeder if you scan double-sided papers. Both can scan documents on both sides quickly. A dual-scan document feeder, on the other hand, is more speedier and decreases the possibility of paper jams.


Quickly Test New Software
An automatic document feeder can help software developers who are working on optical character recognition technology. They can utilize the document feeder to test the accuracy of the software.

They can swiftly hunt for flaws by scanning multiple documents at once. This is significantly faster than manually scanning and comparing papers.


Efficiently Confirm “KYC” Compliance
An automatic document feeder can also help financial companies. Banks and other financial firms are required to follow “Know Your Customer” rules.

Manually doing this is time-consuming, and you risk missing vital data and putting your institution at risk of fines and other penalties.

Digitizing papers expedites the process while also reducing errors. To scan documents fast, financial organisations can employ an automatic document feeder. Employees may then readily confirm compliance without having to go through masses of paperwork.


Digitize Files Quickly and Easily
A document feeder can assist you in digitizing important files. You can easily scan papers that have been filed away and transfer them to storage. You can do this assignment quickly even if you have thousands of pages of documents. With a flatbed scanner, however, it would be nearly impossible.

There are various advantages to digitizing files. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should think about doing so.

First, by not keeping critical information in files, you will improve the security of your office. This is crucial if you have any confidential information. You can protect sensitive information by combining this with other workplace printer and copier security guidelines.

Going paperless also makes data more accessible. Instead of spending several minutes or even an hour looking for documents, people can get the information they need with a single click of the mouse.

Furthermore, when you go paperless, you may access those documents from any location. You can access documents on your server while on vacation halfway around the world.

Going paperless might also boost client satisfaction. Customers will not have to wait because your team will locate documents fast.

Making the switch to a paperless office can also help your disaster recovery plan. If your office burns down, you could lose all of your paper files. That might rapidly develop into a nightmare. You can access your data backup if you run a paperless office. No matter how severe the disaster, you may instantly access all of the files.


Create a More Efficient Office With a Document Feeder
It’s clear that an automatic document feeder will improve your company’s efficiency and performance. You can quickly handle high-volume projects, including double-sided scanning pages.

The feeder can also help with special projects, such as testing software and ensuring KYC compliance. You can even use it to digitize your files to improve security and more.

AOS can help you with all of your copier needs, including adding an automatic document feeder to your multi-function printer. We also have office copiers available for lease or purchase and offer managed print services and maintenance plans. Contact us today for a free consultation so that we can discuss your needs. With our help, you can boost productivity. Most importantly, you won’t have to worry about your office copier because we will handle everything for you.

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