Close Your Mobile Print Gap with Print Audit Managed Print Software

Close Your Mobile Print Gap with Print Audit Managed Print Software

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The widespread adoption of mobile devices in nearly every industry has companies scrambling to reduce security risks. In fact, business leaders have discovered that employees will deploy workarounds to print when company-approved solutions are not readily available.

Here’s how Print Audit Managed Print Solutions can help your company embrace the power of mobility without compromising security.

1. BYOD employees

Most organizations now recognize the increased efficiencies delivered by their BYOD employees. Even so, many have yet to adopt solutions designed to decrease the risks mobile devices introduce into company networks. Print Audit Managed Print Software allows employees to release documents securely to any device using their tablet or smartphone. With no more worrisome security risks plus an uptick in productivity, there’s plenty to gain from the move to a managed print solution.

2. Healthcare workers

Mobile devices add new levels of convenience to those in the healthcare industry, and their use is on the rise. The use of tablets facilitates healthcare workers in the performance of daily activities allowing them to devote more time to patient care. Print Audit Managed Print Solutions provide multiple layers of security, enabling staff members to print with confidence on hospital multifunction copiers.

3. Insurance industry staff

Insurance companies have discovered the unique advantages of mobile devices for employees in the field. Tablets and smartphones give sales agents and adjusters the convenience of a camera combined with access to back-office document management systems. When combined with a secure mobile print-enabled managed print solutions, employees can access and print forms, closing documents, and proposals using home office multifunction printers

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