Do You Need a Managed Print Solution?

Do You Need a Managed Print Solution?

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An unmanaged print environment can be a drain on revenues, but most business leaders are unaware of the impact of print-related costs. Managed print assessments often reveal expenditures as high as 3% to 10% of total revenues. A managed print solution can bring these costs back in line and reduce them by as much as 30% for a print spend that’s manageable.

Do You Need Managed Print?

Many business leaders aren’t sure whether their organization would see a measurable return on their managed print investment. For businesses with three or more printing devices, the answer is usually yes. Here’s further clarification in the form of four basic questions:

  1. Do you regularly use printing equipment to produce documents in-house?
  2. Do you have a strategy in place to control print-related spending (devices, supplies,)?
  3. Do you know how much your organization spends on printing documents?
  4. Are all of your print-related costs consolidated under one vendor and one monthly invoice?

The Print Audit Solution

Print Audit is a managed print solution that allows organizations to track and control printing costs through analysis, rules, and recovery.

1. Accountability & Rules

Are your employees held accountable for the documents they print or copy? Print Audit delivers a monitoring strategy to track document printing and hold users accountable for print volumes.

Print Audit also deploys rules that put limits on print volumes, controls who can use color laser printers, and redirects print jobs to your most cost-effective device.

2. Recover Printing Costs

Did you charge your last client for the reports you printed for their capital project? Print Audit uncovers these costs, allowing your organization to deploy chargeback strategies to recover lost revenues.

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