How to Enable a Computer Printer Port

How to Enable a Computer Printer Port

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Computers frequently have more than one port for connecting printers and other computer peripherals, which is beneficial for businesses that use a variety of office equipment. Any printers or other peripherals connected through that port will be unable to communicate with the computer if a printer port is disabled, whether by a programme, user actions, or file corruption. Enabling a printer port, on the other hand, is a simple procedure.

1.Click the Start button and then click “Control Panel.”

2.Select “Devices and Printers” from the menu.

3.Right-click on your printer and select the “Properties” option.

4.Click the “Ports” tab. Check the box next to the port number you want to use. Refer to the printer’s instruction manual if you are unsure of which port to use.

5.Click “Apply” to enable the port.

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