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How to Share a Printer on a Domain PC With a Workgroup on PCs

Workgroups connect computers on the same network to a primary computer, allowing file and printer sharing over the network for quick and wireless access to important devices and files. The printer connects to your domain PC and is accessible to other users as long as the printer is connected to the PC. Prior to wireless…
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17/02/2023 0

How to Show Grid Lines When Printing in Microsoft Excel

By default, when you print a worksheet in Microsoft Excel, the program removes the grid lines separating each cell. To preserve the grid lines in your printout, you must modify the display settings for each applicable worksheet. Microsoft Excel, however, only shows borders around cells containing actual data. If you want the program to print…
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14/02/2023 0

What Type of Printer Should I Get?

To choose the best printer for your needs, you must first identify your budget, the output quality you require, and the type and volume of printing you will be doing. Following consideration of these factors, you will be able to determine whether a single-function or multifunction unit is appropriate, as well as whether a laser…
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07/02/2023 0

Dye Sublimation Vs. Inkjet Printers

Depending on your needs, you can use an inkjet printer or a dye sublimation model to print your own photos and other graphical materials for your business. A dye sublimation printer focuses on graphics, whereas an inkjet printer can also print correspondence, spreadsheets, and other standard text documents. While the image quality of the best…
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03/02/2023 0

How to Enable a Computer Printer Port

Computers frequently have more than one port for connecting printers and other computer peripherals, which is beneficial for businesses that use a variety of office equipment. Any printers or other peripherals connected through that port will be unable to communicate with the computer if a printer port is disabled, whether by a programme, user actions,…
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