How to Load a Ricoh Copier Staple Cartridge

How to Load a Ricoh Copier Staple Cartridge

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Ricoh produces a variety of single and multi-function copy machines with various finishing options. A stapler that automatically staples documents as they print is one of the finishing options. This time-saving feature allows you to focus on running a successful business rather than stapling documents. When the staples in your Ricoh copier run out, simply insert a new staple cartridge into the finisher.


1.Open the front cover of the finisher to expose the stapler cartridge. Typically, the finisher cover is near the output tray of your Ricoh machine. Depending on the model, you may need to remove the internal finisher tray or other components to gain access to the stapler cartridge.


2.Grasp the lever on the staple cartridge, pulling it toward you to remove the unit from the finisher.


3.Hold both sides of the stapler cartridge and pull up on the upper unit to remove the empty staple case. The arrows on the cartridge can guide you during this process. If you cannot pull out the upper unit, then the cartridge still contains staples. You must wait until all the staples are gone before adding more.


4.Insert the staple refill case by pushing it into the stapler cartridge until it clicks into place. Do not remove the ribbon from the staple case.


5.Press the upper unit of the cartridge down until it clicks into place, then pull out the ribbon attached to the staple case.


6.Hold down the lever on the front of the cartridge and push the unit into the finisher. You will hear a click when the cartridge locks into place.


7.Slide the internal finisher tray into place, if necessary, and close the finisher cover.

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