Taking public transportation

Taking public transportation

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According to studies, taking public transportation encourages people to walk more. Dr. Rajesh Maheswaran, GM-marketing (institutional business) at pharma company Strides Shasun, demonstrated a study that looked at public transportation and physical activity. The report discovered that taking public transportation resulted in an additional 8 to 33 minutes of walking per day.

Another study discovered that train commuters took 30% more steps per day than car commuters. You already know that walking is good for your heart and overall health.

“There is no doubt that in comparison to personal transport, public transport confers a significant advantage to psychological and physical health,” said Dr MS Dharmendra of Manasa Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Bengaluru. This has been demonstrated in Western countries, and it should not be different in the Indian context.” “Dense vehicular traffic increases pollution, which contributes to…” said Dr Vivek Padegal, director of respiratory medicine at Fortis Hospital in Bengaluru.


You are relieved of your road rage, which improves your mental health.

“The act of driving itself can be stressful,” Padegal explained, “and stress can lead to worsening hypertension.” People experience less stress when they use public transportation, according to Dharmendra. Of course, you must leave on time in order to make your bus or train on time and avoid arriving at the station puffing and panting.


On the other hand, road fatalities are decreasing as more people abandon their personal vehicles in favour of buses and trains. “An analysis of the transportation fatality risk in the United States found that fatality rates per billion passenger miles travelled between 2000 and 2009 were 0.11 for buses, 0.24 for urban mass transit rail trains, 0.43 for commuter rail passengers, and 7.28 for drivers or passengers in automobiles,” Maheswaran said.


If you use public transportation, you can help to reduce pollution in your city and leave a much smaller carbon footprint.

According to Maheswaran, studies conducted in the United States show that for every passenger mile travelled, public transportation produces only a fraction of the harmful pollution produced by private vehicles: only 5% as much carbon monoxide, less than 8% as many volatile organic compounds, and nearly half as much carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide.

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