Toner Replacement in a Multifunction Printer

Toner Replacement in a Multifunction Printer

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Steps for Replacing Toner

Toner replacement is a quick and easy process that takes only a few seconds.

Step 1: Open the front cover

Step 2: Remove the empty toner cartridge

Depending on the device, cartridges will be located in various locations. Refer to the instructions inside the front cover for assistance in locating your cartridges.

Step 3: Remove the new toner cartridge from its packaging

Shake the toner cartridge up and down ten times before removing the cap.

Step 4: Insert the new cartridge into the machine

Make sure the toner is aligned properly to fit in the device.

Step 5: Close the front cover

Repeat the steps above if you need to replace multiple empty toner cartridges.

You can resume printing now that your toner has been replaced! If your machine continues to display an error message, please contact us for further assistance.


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