What are the benefits of an ADF?

What are the benefits of an ADF?

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The advantages of an ADF are far more extensive than you might think. ADF benefits include faster scanning and printing, as well as software testing, know-your-customer (KYC) background checks, financial compliance, and the digitization of a company’s records.

An ADF is an endlessly useful tool for a developer building new software that uses optical character recognition (OCR) technologies to input data quickly and stress test the application. With the minor errors discovered in the scans, developers can then make the necessary adjustments to update their software to capture the correct information with minimal errors.

A financial institution can quickly collect the customer information it needs to conduct KYC processes and confirm compliance to every customer it serves when it has a high-quality scanner equipped with a high-capacity ADF. A bank could perform the same checks manually, but that method is more of a relic from before the 1990s, when confirmations took hours to arrive. More importantly, long wait times frequently result in a poor customer experience or waste of a company’s valuable time and resources.

Digitizing old documents is a common way for a business to create an accurate record of past company activities when upgrading its overall infrastructure. However, due to time constraints, it is nearly impossible to do if you only have access to a single-sheet document feeder. A high-volume, high-speed scanner is required in these cases to quickly create digital copies of physical documents. Some of the more expensive machines have an ADF capacity of up to 500 sheets, allowing you to reload your scanner later.

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