4 maintenance tips to avoid copier issues

4 maintenance tips to avoid copier issues

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4 maintenance tips to avoid copier issues

4 Maintenance tips to avoid copier issues.

  1. Turn it off

The simplest copier maintenance tip is to turn off your copier. We sometimes overlook the most basic maintenance tasks. By turning off your copy machine at night and on weekends, you can extend its life. You will also save money on your electric bill by turning off the light.

  1. Preheat it

Warm-up time is required for your copier before it is ready for its daily workout. If you turn off your copy machine for the weekend, give it time to warm up before turning it back on. If it has been turned off, it will most likely go through a calibration procedure. Remember that repeatedly pressing the “copy” button will not accelerate the process.Allow the calibration mode to complete its critical work.

  1. Scrub the glass

Another simple copier maintenance task is to keep your copier clean. Do your copies have those vexing streaks? What about those bothersome pinhead-sized dots or grey blobs?

Wite-Out correction fluid, which dates back to the 1960s, is still one of the top copier glass smudge producers, according to copier maintenance service technicians.

These unsightly marks can be avoided simply by cleaning the copier’s glass. Not to mention the document feeder, which requires cleaning as well. On the feeder of today’s copiers, there are frequently one or two thin strips of glass. To avoid marks on your copies, wipe them clean on a regular basis.

You can clean your copier glass with a standard glass cleaner. However, NEVER spray the glass with the cleaning fluid because it could make its way into the machines operational electronics. Instead, spray a cloth with cleanser.

  1. Make use of better paper

Paper jams are probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of paper problems. First, consider a rarely discussed paper issue: paper dust.

If you aren’t a copier technician, you may be unaware that paper dust can accumulate inside your machine and cause image quality issues. Recycled and low-quality paper produce more dust. Although a lower paper price may be appealing, purchasing higher quality paper may save you money in the long run.

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