Gains from Managed Print

Gains from Managed Print

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Managed print services are a great way to take care of many of the problems associated with office printing. These services allow for management to have more control over the printing process as well as its security and the costs associated with it.

Bringing Down Printing Costs

When an office has managed print services, the costs often begin to decline. The monitoring system alerts management to the amount of printing that it is happening as well as who is actually doing that printing. Often, it’s found that things are being printed unnecessarily, and the amount of printing done in the office declines as a result. This drives down the cost of printing, with less need to buy more ink and paper.

Better Data Security

These days, every business is tasked with keeping their customer and employee data as safe as possible. While the data in computers is often secured, many people will forget about the data streams that go to and from the printers. With managed print services, those streams are made safer and more secure. They can also safeguard the printed materials after they’ve received the stream. The printed pages can be kept inside the printer as required, giving that data more security from anyone who walks by the machine.

Printer Assessments

In any given printer fleet, there are often a few machines that don’t work as well as the others. They are often older models that are kept around because they still work. However, those machines will not be as secure as today’s printer models. And, because they often have errors, they may need to be kept on longer than other machines to get them to print. It’s not uncommon for an older printer to print out a few duds before it prints the file correctly. All of this increases the cost of operating these machines. With managed print services, the machines are all assessed so that machines like that can be taken out of the fleet. The ones that remain are more energy-efficient, work faster and won’t create the many errors that the older ones do.

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