Keeping Data Secure with Document Solutions

Keeping Data Secure with Document Solutions

27/04/2022 Information 0

Whether you are printing pages or saving digital documents, we know document security is never far from your minds. Ensuring that private information is kept safe is just one element of a holistic approach to document solutions.

Our complete document management solutions include data security, workflow optimization, managed print services, cloud services, and more. We believe the best way to keep data safe is through a comprehensive system that covers all of the bases.

It is important to acknowledge that print documents often have a “shelf life,” meaning that once they have served their purpose, they must be appropriately destroyed or archived. Indeed, there are legal reasons to keep specific data stored for several years, but chances are there is a ton of paper taking up space in your office that should be shredded and recycled.

With data security solutions, you can safely backup and store documents, allowing you to dispose of their printed counterparts properly. Not only is this a smart practice to implement but, in many cases, there are legal ramifications for not correctly handling confidential information.

So, what kind of confidential documents should you digitally backup and destroy? * Employee information and human resource files * Anything with a social security number on it * Medical records * Receipts, invoices, and anything else with credit card data on it * Cancelled checks and pay stubs * Anything with your bank details information on it

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